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Family & Individuals Resources
  • IDRN Family Disaster Preparedness Checklist
  • How would you survive for 72 hours?
  • CDR3 Disaster Preparedness Checklists
  • CDR3's Disaster Preparedness Course Slides
  • Organizing Neighborhood Disaster Response Teams
  • Flood Preparedness
  • Neighborhood Response Team Equipment
  • How to Organize a Neighborhood Preparedness Initiative

Responder and Team Resources
  • Individual Responder Equipment
  • IDRN Component Disaster Checklists
  • IDRN Field Operations Guide
  • IDRN Rapid Assessment Form
  • LCC Operational Capacity Assessment
  • SPHERE Standards Handbook

Training Resources
  • IDRN 1100 Training Materials
  • IDRN 1300 Training Materials
  • IDRN 1100 Facilitator's Guide
  • IDRN Rapid Assessment Form
  • SPEAR Exercise Scenario Brief
  • SPEAR Exercise Injects

Standards and Regulations
  • Emergency Equip List-CDR
  • IDRN Standard Operating Guidelines
  • 14 Service Catagories

International Resources

  • World Risk Report 2012

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