IDRN Asia’s primary purpose is an online platform for individual & responders to gather, discuss & learn more about disaster response.


WE are friends working with friends, having fun, changing the world.

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Getting involved with the IDRN is simpler than you might think. You don’t need to be a professional responder or have extensive training to make a difference. Any skill set can be used during a disaster. To become more involved we recommend following the steps below:

  • Sign up and Register - Sign up on and complete the registration process answering a few simple questions to create your own personal profile.
  • Select your Service Sector Skills - We all have individual strengths and skills and more than likely they fall into the 14 service categories. Select a service category and build upon your skills. More information can be found at the Service Categories Page
  • Personal Equipping - Prepare yourself for disasters at home and abroad. Being prepared to respond is not nearly as expensive as it is made out to be. Take a look at the various checklists and documents we have about personal equipping at the Documents & Resources Page
  • Connect to LCC - There are over 300 Local Coordination Centers throughout the IDRN and more than likely there is location near you! To learn more about the function of LCCs and their locations, visit the Local Coordination Centers Page
  • Participate in Exercises- IDRN members conduct local, regional, and international level exercises throughout the year. To participate watch out for emails from the IDRN announcing upcoming exercises.
  • Participate in Response Operations - IDRN members respond to dozens of disasters per year. You don’t need to respond on-site to be involved. Simply sharing information and helping to coordinate remotely is extremely helpful. Watch out for activation emails from the IDRN and occasionally visit the Response Coordination Page
  • Train your Community - Once you have received training, share it! The IDRN is a viral network and the only way it can continue to grow is through the effort of members like you! Don’t forget to share your training events on the portal so others can get involved!

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